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Get ready for fall with new classes, in-person and virtual!
Get ready for fall with new classes, in-person and virtual!

Handwoven May/June 2020

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Playing with drafts is a fun way to take a project and make it your own. Even small changes to treadling, tie-up, and/or threading can make a big difference. In this May/June 2020 issue of Handwoven we’re celebrating the ways weavers take drafts and make them into something new sometimes by adjusting drafts and, sometimes, by combining multiple drafts to create a new blended draft. Also in this issue, Tom Knisely writes about how garden sheds can become the perfect outdoor weaving studios, Rebecca Fox’s discusses her adventures in designing and weaving waistcoats for her son’s graduation, and Deborah Heyman explains how to mix colors in weaving to get the effect you want.


The Draft: Understanding Blended Drafts by Madelyn van der Hoogt
Notes from the Fell: She Sheds by Tom Knisely
Controlling the Primaries in Your Mixing by Deborah Heyman
Idea Gallery: Obstacles to Options by Rebecca Fox
Yarn Lab: Ashford Yoga Yarn and Caterpillar Cotton by Sara Goldenberg White
Spotlight: Growing Up Together by Linda Ligon
Endnotes: Thank You, Else Regensteiner by Marjorie D. Puryear
North Light Meets Southwest Dish Towels by Lyla Agius (8-shaft)
Summer & Winter Squares by Linda Gettmann (6-shaft)
Hoosier Huck Towels by Diane Pigg (8-shaft)
Kay’s Manifold Towels by Deanna Deeds (4-shaft)
Huck Lace Napkins by Tom Knisely (4-shaft)
Crosses, Floats, and Undulations by Lucienne Coifman (8-shaft)
Fire and Water by Eileen Lee (8-shaft)
Salt-n-Pepper Coarse Grind by Sally Gelbaugh (4-shaft)
Playful Pinwheel Plaid by Sheila O’Hara (8- or 14-shaft)
Open the Gates Scarf by Nancy Dunlap (4-shaft)
Small Change by Deborah Heyman (6-shaft)