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The ARNE & CARLOS Weekend is SOLD OUT - Lecture seats are still available!
The ARNE & CARLOS Weekend is SOLD OUT - Lecture seats are still available!



  • Toft

    TOFT Fur Pom Poms

    15 colors available

    What makes a cozy fall hat even more fabulous? A lush pom pom in bright colors or sophisticated neutrals! TOFT alpaca fur pom poms are ethically s...

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  • Lumos

    Knitting Light


    The darkness of fall and winter won't stop knitters from knittng... but this tool makes it more enjoyable AND protects your eyesight! As avid knit...

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  • Fox & Pine

    Stitch Stoppers


    These are the hottest must-have product for any knitter. These cute stitch stoppers go on the end of your knitting needles to prevent your stitches...

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  • Clover

    Wool Roving

    20 colors available

    100% wool top, great for needle felting, pompoms, applique and other handcrafts. Each packet contains approximately 20g of roving.

  • Knitter's Pride

    Knit Blockers


    You'll have more time for knitting when you finish blocking faster! These clever Knit Blockers have several rust-resistant stainless steel pins on ...

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  • Cocoknits

    Needle Gauge


    Julie Weisenberger long wanted a tiny needle gauge tool for travel-knitting. The big squares or rectangles are okay for at-home knitting, but clums...

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  • Katrinkles

    Fix-It Loop


    The handy mini tool set features a 2-inch ruler, yarn hook and tapestry needle looped on a sturdy ball chain. These little wonders are a great matc...

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  • NNK

    Hand-Stitched Wool Tape Measure

    4 colors available

    Hand-stitched from soft, wool-blend felt, this tape measure has a 60" high quality flexible vinyl tape that stays in place when pulled and retracts...

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  • Cocoknits

    Stitch Fixer


    It’s terrible when you are knitting along and suddenly notice that little stitch you dropped a few rows back. Never fear, Cocoknits to the rescue! ...

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  • Cocoknits

    Yarn Snips


    Forged iron snips are an ancient concept – you may have seen larger ones once used for sheep shearing. These are the same concept, but much smaller...

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  • Cocoknits

    Knitter's Block


    Everything You Need To Block Your Handknits! The Knitter's Block Kit inlcudes: - 18 interlocking, fiber-topped EVA foam tiles, each measures 12" ×...

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  • Sale
    Fox & Pine

    Yarn Sweater

    Original Price $15.00
    Current Price $12.00

    Spend more time knitting and crocheting, and less time untangling yarn with these adorable yarn sweaters! Choose your favorite fabric (maybe two!) ...

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