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Headed out of town? Pick up a kit to take on the road!
Headed out of town? Pick up a kit to take on the road!
ARNE & CARLOS Weekend - They're Back!

ARNE & CARLOS Weekend - They're Back!

We're beyond excited to welcome ARNE & CARLOS back to Los Altos in April!

Registration opens THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1 AT 5 PM PT for their lecture and weekend workshops. Full weekend packages will go on sale first, followed by individual workshops (if space remains) and lecture-only tickets. Here is all the info you need to prepare!

Friday, April 19: Evening Lecture 7 pm
The World of ARNE & CARLOS: Finding Inspiration for Design
Cost: $50 per person

Saturday, April 20 • 9 am - 12 noon
Knitting and Purling the Norwegian Way

Saturday, April 20 • 1 - 4 pm
Norwegian Stranded Colorwork Knitting

Sunday, April 21 • 9 am - 12 noon
Layered Colourwork Knitting

Sunday, April 21 • 1 - 4 pm
Explorations in Norwegian Cables

The full weekend package includes:
- Friday lecture
- All four Saturday & Sunday workshops
- Lunch on Saturday & Sunday
- Fabulous gift bag

Cost: $600 per person

Lecture and Workshop Descriptions

The World of ARNE & CARLOS: Finding Inspiration for Design

Scandinavian designers ARNE & CARLOS have gained a passionate international following, not only through their collaborations with well-known names such as Comme des Garçons, Urban Outfitters, Dale of Norway, Regia and Rowan, but also their 10 bestselling books, numerous online tutorials, and their top-rated podcast, "Sit and Knit for a Bit" on YouTube.

It is in their books and videos that we are warmly welcomed into their vibrant, colourful, creative world, which is based in a renovated train station in the Valdres region of Norway north of Oslo. In the comfort of their inspiring home, we see glimpses of their eclectic collections of memorabilia and the rich variety of materials and patterns that surround them. Coupled with the beauty of the scenic natural world outside, these blend to spark their ever-active imaginations and are the inspirations for their hugely popular handcraft designs. They strive to reflect their enthusiasm for finding new ways to value the old, as well as their commitment to developing innovative ideas that are wholly their own.

In this engaging lecture, ARNE & CARLOS speak frankly about the way they live, and how every one of us can be inspired by the everyday things that surround us. Learn how to create fabulous, unique knitting and crochet designs, as well as other projects, using their unique lifestyle techniques, and walk away energized and ready to bring your own original ideas to life.

The lecture will include time at the end for audience questions and meet-and-greet.

Knitting & Purling the Norwegian Way

Reine Hat

The Norwegian knitting style focuses on shifting the tension of the yarn from the finger and on to the needle. This is done by minimizing the distance between the yarn, the needle, and the left index finger. By holding the yarn as close as possible to the needle and picking from the finger you will never have to think about getting the correct tension again - all you need to do is knit or purl and the tension will come automatically! Norwegian knitting is much more ergonomic than any other style of knitting, which means you will be able to relax the muscles in your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Finally, a bonus of knitting the Norwegian way - you will increase the speed of your knitting dramatically!

In this class, ARNE & CARLOS will teach you the basics of knitting and purling the Norwegian way as we knit our REINE hat, which is inspired by traditional Norwegian fishermen's patterns.

Level of knitting proficiency required: 
Some experience in knitting and purling is required; participants should know how to knit and purl in either Continental or English style. This class is suitable for inexperienced and intermediate knitters as well as advanced knitters who want to learn the Norwegian way to knit.

Norwegian Stranded Colourwork Knitting

Christmas Ball

Norwegian stranded colourwork is all about tension. In this class, you will learn the basics of Norwegian-style stranded knitting in the round from expert Nordic knitters ARNE & CARLOS, who will show you the easiest and most relaxing way to hold the needles and yarns. They will teach you important techniques and tricks that will help you achieve perfect colourwork tension while keeping all your stitches even and beautiful, in true Norwegian style!

Level of knitting proficiency required: 
Basic knitting skills needed. Participants should be able to knit (no purling in this class.) This project - a Christmas ball - is good for inexperienced, intermediate and advanced knitters.

Layered Colourwork Knitting

Heine Hat

In their never-ending search for new ways to present traditional inspiration, ARNE & CARLOS came across a little-used technique that layers one yarn on the top of another to create contrasting patterns and motifs. After a lot of experimentation, they fell in love with the way Rowan's Kidsilk Haze layered on Felted Tweed to create an interesting graphic effect. The next step was to create motifs, usually worked in stranded colourwork or intarsia, and adapt them to this very easy technique. The Heine Hat is a wonderful way to learn this striking, yet simple, way of knitting.

Homework required!

Level of knitting proficiency required: 
Some knitting skills needed. Participants should be able to knit, purl and decrease. This project is suitable for beginners with some experience, intermediate knitters, as well as advanced knitters who want to learn an easier way to do stranded colourwork and intarsia.

Explorations in Norwegian Cables

Norwegian Cables

Norway is one of the few countries left in the world where traditional folk costumes - called "Bunad" in Norwegian - are still worn by a large part of the population for special occasions like Constitution Day, Christmas Eve, weddings, confirmations, baptism, and any other time when you need to wear your Sunday best. There are around 450 different folk costumes in Norway, and it is estimated that approximately 80% of the female population and 20% of the male population own at least one Bunad. It is customary for both men and women to wear hand-knitted stockings together with their folk costumes, and many of the beautiful and intricate cable designs in those stockings have their roots in the 17th and 18th centuries.

This class will cover the history of Norwegian cables and showcase several Norwegian stitch patterns. Participants will learn to knit the cable designs from the Gudbrandsdalen area in Norway, where ARNE & CARLOS have their roots.

Homework required!

Level of knitting proficiency required: 
Basic knitting skills needed. Participants should be able to knit (no purling in this class.) This project is good for inexperienced, intermediate and advanced knitters.


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